Reference List


Reference: Winsor and Newton Cotman Range
Alternatives: EM4 brushes, The Army Painter (both ranges) Revell Luxury class
Budget tip: Humbrol Coloro (synthetic but absolutely fantastic if wiped dry properly). Need to be replaced quite often.


Reference: Vallejo Model Color
Budget tip: Revell Aqua Color
For White: VMC Foundation White.


Reference: The Army Painter Inks
Alternatives: Vallejo Washes, CdA Superwashes


Reference: The Army Painter (Carefully read instructions!)
Budget tip: Supermarket make (hit and miss, test before use)


Clippers: Get a tool from a company called Knippex. They can be found at good DiY or Electrical supplies stores.

Cutting mat (hobby shop)
Files from GF9,
Razorsaw from GF9
Drill from The Army Painter


Superglue: “industrial strength” superglue at your local hobbystore. Heard good things about “Gorilla Superglue”. (Check if you prefer thick superglue over the thin one.)
Plastic Glue: Revell (the one with the brush)
PVA Glue: Your supermarkets own house make. You can get 1 litre of it for about five GBP. It seldom pays off to spend more than that.


MDF Bases:
Model Trees:


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