Here you will find items available for sale to support the blog. If you want to know about any items just drop me a line. At some point I will integrate a real shopping solution including payment. Please be advised that some items cannot be shipped overseas due to prohibitive postage. Also be aware that postage, taxes and customs charges are not included in the prices. All prices are in GBP and include packaging to protect your purchases. Wherever possible I aim to send items directly ex works from the manufacturer to speed up the delivery process.


Gaming Mats

Designs Ready for print:

4x3Mars A Martian surface 4×3.4x4 Space 2 Space Mat 4×490x90-OKSpace Mat 3×3


Designs in the making:

These designs are WiP and we have not done a testprint yet, permission to use still pending or other hinderances. Stay tuned when they become available and for more great designs.

10677383_1474449102819095_255354827_o hs-2005-12-e-full_jpg hs-2009-25-i-full_jpg City Scape 0 482x624 City 120x120 Grey City scape 120x120 -Grey City scape without craters Untitled-7 Sci fi 2 mat Jungle map


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