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You like the magazine, you want to see more of it and you wonder how you can help? There is a number of ways. By reading the magazine you have done the first step and I thank you for that. Now I really want to improve and if you have any good ideas then let me have it. Use the email address below and tell us what you think. There are no guarantees we will take everything on board (there simply is way too much good stuff) and we generally cannot answer most of the feedback. Don’t let that put you off. Even if we choose another route your feedback helps us to get the right perspectives for what we are doing.

Secondly you can always point out interesting projects and games which we should have a closer look at. Whether if it is your favourite game or something you are interested in you should share it. Chances are there are more people who feel just like you.

Lastly there is always the possibility to donate some of your cash to see projects come to life. All pledges should be made with the name of the project you want to fund. Even if it is just a small contribution you can make it is much appreciated AND brings all of us closer to the goal of putting projects into reality.

1. Bushido – Terrain funded! Prefecture of Ryu funded!
The asian touch and the great minis really speak for themselves. Including a gameboard and terrain the total atmosphere will be best converted. Includes 2 startersets, Rulebook
Terrain from Sarissa Precision and a MDF Gameboard for making the ideal setting to fight it out. Our biggest project at the moment.

Both the terrain and the first starter set have been funded. The opponent for the Prefecture of Ryu starter is up to you.

2. Wings of Glory WW II
3. Gaming mat for WoG
4. Last Saga
5. Fallen Frontiers
6. AvP

Funded projects:

Warzone Resurrection (Capitol, Bauhaus, Cybertronic, Brotherhood, Imperial Wolfbanes and Mishima)

Naval Warfare (German East Asia Squadron, British Royal Navy detachment)

Wings of Glory WWI

Gaming Mats for WZR and Starmada

Valhalla – Dark Age Skirmish

101 Airborne (40K Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum)

Space Wolves

Again if you know any interesting project, let us know.


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